I’ve been making music to YHWH since I was small, but only recently had the chance to embark on my first recording project.

For now, this site serves as my music website and all-purpose blog. In addition to music updates, you’ll get a smattering of what I think on any topic that comes to mind: Sabbath and the Feasts, prophecy and the last days, the emerging church, Christian patriarchy, how to recognize spiritual abuse, and in general, how to be a more wholehearted follower of Yeshua of Nazareth.

My other interests include finishing grad school (soon…?) and becoming a midwife (after grad school). I also endlessly update my to-do list for “someday” (learn to sew, quilt, make soap, build a barn, ride bareback like a Comanche warrior, survive in the desert with only a flint knife…and more!).

Soon, R.C. the Bandit Queen and I hope to put up a site dedicated to homesteading and outdoor living. For now, she covers these topics at ranchitobandito.wordpress.com, so hop on over if you’re interested. (Thanks to R.C. and Pardner Web Design for assistance with creating this site.)


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