Clanging Cymbal or Disciple

Are you a believer looking for fellowship outside the mainstream because you have questions about some of the traditional ways and beliefs you learned in church? On the internet, it’s easy to think you’ve found it. I did — and got burned twice.

Why? Well, pretty much the same reason I got burned by a local (home group) fellowship (which was the reason I started looking for a virtual home for fellowship). People are clanging cymbals. They love you as long as you agree with them. As soon as you make a peep of difference, though, they look askance; if you go so far as to question one of their cherished doctrines, get ready to be shown the door.

Of course, I also have friends and loved ones who are not clanging cymbals (and I appreciate them very much!). But the immaturity (or downright ugliness) of how people can be to each other…ugh. It weighs on me, especially now that I have experienced it firsthand. Some of these “discernment ministers” try so hard, they’re going to end up “discerning” themselves right out of the kingdom.

Recently YHWH showed me I was caught up in this critical spirit on a fundamentalist blog where I was participating. I had joined in a conversation that turned into everyone ganging up on one commenter for questioning a doctrine they all agreed on (I think the commenter was wrong, but so were they/we all). I’m glad He showed me, because it prepared me for what happened next. I posted a comment about Torah and got instant backlash. I wasn’t surprised, but I was hurt.

I prayed (not even in words) to be comforted about this, and YHWH heard me and led me to this video. It’s directed at believers in the Messianic/Hebraic movement, but it applies to all of us.


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