Be Wise: Discernment Blogs I Follow

I won’t put a lot of time into this post, but wanted to link to a few blogs/ministries I have found helpful in sorting out the mess of information regarding the times we are living in.

By posting links, I do not endorse everything the authors believe and teach; however, I am thankful that they take the time to ferret out news stories and connect the dots for readers. The world system is far more insidious – and intricately organized – than most people believe, and it is utterly opposed to the Kingdom of Messiah.

These three blogs cover NWO-related current events with commentary. They also speak to some of the major deceptions in the American churches (e.g. word-faith movement, charismatic kundalini, Roman Catholic-led “unity”).

Call to Discernment (

Galatians Four Blog (

News 4 the Masses (

I have followed quite a few discernment blogs/ministries in the past five or so years – some I recommend, some I no longer trust. As time allows, I will post more links and explain how each has helped me grow in discernment.


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